USER AGREEMENT : provides Domain Name Registration, Web site hosting and Web based application development. All services provided by may be used for lawful purposes only. reserves the right to refuse service and/or access to its servers to anyone. reserves the right to suspend or cancel any client's access to any portion or all of services, when deems that the account has been used inappropriately.

Domain Name registration is on a First-come-First-serve basis. will not be responsible for the availability of the Domain Name in the 3-4 days that it can take to register a Domain Name.In between if you register a domain name through website & by the time payment is received from you, it might happen that during this period the domain name is booked by some other individual or organization. In such a case would not be responsible. The payment to this effect would be refunded in case the client does not want to book another domain name. prohibits sites engaged in:

ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES including but not limited to storing and/or distributing illegal copies of copyright software, hosting/maintaining inappropriate sites, violating trademarks and copyrights, violating Indian & International laws, selling and/or distributing illegal contraband.

INTERNET ABUSE including but not limited to: spamming - mass unsolicited emailing, posting obscene or inflammatory messages, nudity, threatening other Internet users, and spamming our support staff.

SYSTEMS ABUSE including but not limited to using excessive CPU resources, using excessive disk space, attempting to gain access to root and other clients' accounts (hacking), installing continuously running programs, and reselling CGI scripts. does not censor our customers' Web sites, although our policy strictly prohibits adult sites. The determination of what is adult content & prohibited, shall be made solely by

Should a policy violation occur, reserves the right to terminate the account without notice and the client will be held responsible for any damages to's business, system, servers, connectivity, reputation, service, network, operations or equipment resulting from its actions including, but not limited to, government actions, vandalism, retaliation and claims of libel, unfair competition, infringement of patent, copyright, trademark, service mark, or other intellectual property right, violation of privacy, or other tort.


All services are provided on a pre-payment basis. accepts Local Cheque, Bankerís Cheque, Demand Draft & Cash. In addition, we accept all Visa and Master Cards. All monetary transactions will occur in Indian Rupees & U S Dollars.