Fishery Resources Assessment
Monitors resource landings and the fishing effort along the Indian coast through a stratified multistage sampling design.
Estimates regionwise, specieswise and gearwise marine fish production
Develops of methods & mathematical models for assessment of exploited stocks
Manages the database on the exploited marine living resources
Xth Plan In-house Research Projects
In-house Research Projects
Assessment of Exploited Marine Fishery Resources
Stock Assessment techniques for exploited marine fish and shellfish resources
Appraisal of marine fisheries of West Bengal
Application of simulation models for marine fisheries management game (Completed)
Determination of optimum sample size to evaluate the catch and effort for use in marine fisheries (Completed)
Sponsored Research Projects
Marine Fisheries Census (Completed)
Predictive Modeling in Marine Fisheries od South west coast of India (Completed)

XIth Plan In-house Research Projects
Knowledge based Information System for Marine Fisheries Management
Decision Support System for Marine Fisheries Management

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