Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC)
The Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) of CMFRI is fully functional and all the sales/services/products are channeled through the Single Window Delivery system.
ATIC of CMFRI has a good impact in a recent research study undertaken by evaluating the level of satisfaction of beneficiaries of ATIC technology products, services and awareness programmes and to elucidate the success cases of impact on professional achievement, earnings, employment and mobilisation of Self Help Groups.
Results indicated that among the technological inputs & products most important item of highest level of satisfaction was the sale of algal inoculums and aquarium fish feed followed by dry fish products supplied by IVLP women’s Self Help Groups. Water sample analysis, feed composition analysis and PCR test for detecting the virus infection in shrimp are the major items of satisfaction among the diagnostic services.

With regard to priced publications, the most preferred published pamphlet was ‘Aquarium fish keeping’ followed by ‘Mussel Farming’, ‘Marine Ornamental fishes’ and ‘Marine fisheries management’. Among farm advisory services, general ATIC services followed by ‘Shrimp feed’ and advisory services concerned with bivalve culture and marine ornamentals ranked top. Among the awareness programmes organized at ATIC, ‘Responsible Fisheries Management’ scored the highest followed by ‘Culture Fisheries’ and thirdly the ‘Fishery based technologies’.
Among the movies projected, ‘the movie on CMFRI named as Our Fish… Our Wealth’ scored the highest level of satisfaction followed by the animation movie ‘Little fish & tiny nets’. The movie on ‘Mussel Farming’ and movie on ‘ IVLP’ ranked third.

With regard to the evaluation of the other facilities offered for public in ATIC, the average monthly total of the browsing rate of ATIC website is about 2006 hits and average daily rate of browsing the site is about 70.
As much as eight success case studies were elucidated from such fisherfolk and Self Help Groups who brought out a remarkable professional achievement, improved earnings and employment with the inspiration and support from ATIC.

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