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Fishery Resources Assessment Division (FRAD)

The National Marine Living Resources Data Centre (NMLRDC)
National Marine Living Resources Data Centre is a repository of information on exploited marine living resource of the country and was established in 1982. The FRA Division is managing this Data Centre.
Developed statistical database on a large number of species of pelagic and demersal fishes, crustaceans and molluscs over space and time.
Cuurently it holds the data on marine fish landings in the analysed form since 1950
Software for analysis of marine fish landings in India.
Software for storage and retrieval of data
The NMLRDC is responsible for acquiring, processing, analysing and storing of the data and disseminating the information on the marine living resources and the related aspects.

Data Holdings
Currently the quarterly data on the fishery and biology of the resources investigated under the various research projects during 1999-2000 are also maintained.
Details of the price statistics from selected centres.
Inshore hydrography data collected off Cochin.
The processed data for 1985-2000 for each state, districtwise, quarterwise, resourcewise and gearwise are also maintained and stored in magnetic tapes.
The length frequency data used for stock assessment of some of the commercially important resources and the biological samples including the length, weight, sex and maturity status are also stored.

Future Plans
Proposed to develop comprehensive data bases for each of the commercially important marine fishery resources such as oil sardine, mackerel, Bombayduck, shrimps etc. The database will include the fishery, biology, distribution, stock assessment and bibliographic references related to the resource concerned.
Connectivity to all the Research Centres, Field Centres of the CMFRI and all the Institutes dealing with fisheries for faster information exchange.
Bring out CDs on important resources.
Preparation of fishery atlases.
The NMLRDC which has been catering to the needs of the research and development agencies for over the last decade is poised to expand and extend its activities for a better management of data and faster transmission of the information to the end users.

S.No Name Designation Area of work
1 Dr.M.Srinath Principal Scientist & Head of Division Statistics & Fish Population Dynamics
2 Mr.K.Balan Principal Scientist Statistics & Fish Population Dynamics
3 Ms.K.Vijayalakshmi Scientist (SS) Statistics & Fish Population Dynamics
4 Dr.T.V.Sathianandan Scientist (SS) Statistics & Fish Population Dynamics
5 Dr.Somy Kuriakose Scientist Statistics & Fish Population Dynamics
6 Mr.Wilson T. Mathew Scientist Computer Applications
7 Ms.K.G.Mini Scientist Statistics & Fish Population Dynamics