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Fisheries Environment Management Division (FEMD)

Seaweed Cultivation
The ever increasing demand of the raw material and depletion of natural stock necessitates the cultivation of commercially important seaweeds like Gracilaria edulis, an important agarophytes of India.
The culture practice of Gracilaria is being carried out either from Fragments or from spores

Cultivation of Gracilaria edulis from Spores
Cultivation of Gracilaria edulis from spores is a new method. CMFRI has sucessfully cultivated G.edulis from spores at Mandapam. For the first time it was carried out at Kochi where there is no natural vegetation of G.edulis
Different growth stages of Carpospores

Gracilaria culture from spores at Narakkal

Common Seaweeds of India

Edible Algae

Cladophora fascicularia

Porphyra indica

Codium tomentosum

Hydroclathrus clathratus

Chaetomorpha linoides

Caulerpa sertulariodes

Agar Yielding Seaweeds

Gracilaria edulis

Sarconema furcellatum

Gelidiella acerosa

Gracilaria corticata


Gelidium pusillum

Algin Yielding Seaweeds

Sargassum duplicatum



Turbinaria conoides


Sargassum wightii

Carrageenan Yielding Seaweeds

Hypnea Valentiae

Laurencia Papillosa

Acanthophora sp.

On Board Research Activities

Installing fishing net

Hauling operation

Water sample analysis

Zooplankton collection

Holothuria Culture (Sea-cucumber)

Fertilized eggs


CMFRI has sucessfully carried out the work in taxonomy, biology, ecology,bioactive substances, hatchery production of seeds and culture of sea-cucumber.



Metanorphosew Juveniles

Sea-cucumber Hatchery at Tuticorion

Male Holuthuria releasing sperms

Seeds produced in the hatchery

Juveniles of Holuthuria

Grow out in the sea

Monitoring and assessment of corals & coral reef resources in Lakshadweep

S.No Name Designation Area of work
1 Dr.M.Rajagopal Principal Scientist & Head of Division Fishery Environment
2 Dr.C.P.Gopinathan Principal Scientist Fishery Environment & Mariculture
3 Dr.V.Chandrika Principal Scientist Fishery Environment & Mariculture
4 Dr.J.P.George Principal Scientist Fishery Environment
5 Mr.S.Muthuswamy Senior Scientist Fishery Environment
6 Ms.T.S.Naomi Scientist (SG) Fishery Environment
7 Dr.P.Kaladharan Senior Scientist Fishery Environment & Mariculture
8 Dr.Reeta Jayasankar Senior Scientist Fishery Environment & Mariculture
9 Ms.Molly Varghese Scientist (SG) Fishery Environment & Mariculture
10 Dr.D.Prema Scientist (SS) Soil Chemistry