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Whitefish landings started showing improvement along the southwest coast particularly along the coast of Karnataka; the length range of Lactarius lactarius is 30-209mm along this coast
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Goatfish landings are maximum along the east coast. Along the West Coast, the landings along Mangalore, Calicut and Cochin were poor. Upeneus vittatus, was the dominant species in Andhra Pradesh, and U.sulphureus and U. moluccensis are the major species along Tamilnadu coast. The length range of the species in the catches is 60-190mm.  
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Aquariculture of marine ornamental fish
At Vizhinjam, 68 species belonging to 17 families of ornamental fish were identified. Of these, Abudefduf spp (Pomacentridae), Chaetodon collaris (Chaetodontidae), Apogon taeniatus (Apogonidae),Thalassoma lunare (Labridae), Siganus javus and S. canaliculatus (Siganidae) Sargocentron rubrum (Holocentridae), Acanthurus nigricauda,Ctenochaetus striatus and A. philippinus (Acanthuridae) Parupeneus indicus and P. macronemus (Mullidae), Scarus ghobban (Scaridae), Platax orbicularis (Platacidae) are very important.
About 40 species of important aquarium fishes were maintained in aquaria, by feeding them with different feeds; it was found that majority of the marine aquarium fishes could sustain on cooked mussel meat. On the basis of the work in this project, a marine aquarium was established at Vizhinjam for the benefit of the public and the tourists
At Mandapam in the Gulf of Mannar and Palk bay, the dominant species are Chaetodon collaris, C. octofasciatus, Heniochus acuminatus, Abudefduf septemfasciatus, Siganus oramin, S. javus, Sargocentron rubrum, Syngnathus biaculeatus and Hippocampus kuda.

Survey and Assessment of Ornamental fish Resources of Lakshadweep
Survey was conducted at islands of Lakshadweep using gillnets of different mesh sizes encircling nets and trap. A total of 165 species belonging to 20 families were collected and detailed studies on the biology were conducted on 40 major ornamental fish species, stock sizes and maximum possible yield of these forty species were estimated. The survey was conducted during 1993-97 in nine inhabited islands, Amini, Agatti, Bitra, Chetlat, Kadmat, Kalpeni, Kavaratti, Kiltan and Minicoy .

Environmental Impact Assessment studies on shallow water mining in Chavara, Quilon
To studying the impact of mining on fishery resources, water quality parameters such as chlorophyll a (1.6-2.9 mg/m3) and zooplankton (0.1-20.3 ml/haul) were estimated at periodic intervals from selected stations at and around the proposed mining area from a depth range of 4-15m. during the period April 95 to April 96.Fishes represented by juveniles/ sub adults of flat fishes, sciaenids, white fish silverbellies indicated an estimated potential yield of 0.9 t. / Km2 from the project area. Detailed studies on the socioeconomics of the fishing villages viz. Neendakara, chavara, Panmana and Alapad in and around the project area were conducted. The project though aimed its studies for the premining; mining and post-mining periods; the same could be completed only for the premining period due to severe social objections.

S.No Name Designation Area of work
1 Dr.V.Sriramachandra Murty Principal Scientist & Head of Division Demersal Fisheries
2 Dr.N.Gopinatha Menon Principal Scientist Demersal Fisheries
3 Ms.Grace Mathew Principal Scientist Demersal Fisheries
4 Dr.L.Krishnan Principal Scientist Demersal Fisheries
5 Dr.K.K.Joshi Scientist (SS) Demersal Fisheries
6 Ms.Rekha J. Nair Scientist Demersal Fisheries